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12v & 24v Rotary Dimmer – 8A

£15.95 Ex. VAT
Installs between a 24vdc power supply and 24vdc lights - Input voltage: DC 12V / 24V - Output voltage: Same as input voltage - Output power: 8A (Max. 96W at 12vdc / Max 192W at 24vdc) - Output Signal PWM - Simply turn dial to adjust brightness of LED light - No battery required - A constant voltage power supply will be needed to provide the 12vdc or 24vdc input. The output voltage supplied by this unit will be the same as the input voltage so make sure the correct PSU is selected for your LEDs - Dimensions: 89 x 59 x 65mm Dim our lamps up to: 160 x E14, E10 & Golf ball LED 24v Lamps 128 x LED PIXELS 24v Specification PDF available on request.

Flasher Box – 4 Channel

£269.00 Ex. VAT
Looking to make your lighting flash and chase? Our flasher box is a simple solution for this. Maximum load per channel: 3amp If you need advice on how to wire yours lights up to use our flasher box please contact us.